Image of Remember Your Forgotten Dreams

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Remember Your Forgotten Dreams


Reprint of an original piece made for Cambridge Arts Council.

Medium: Adobe Illustrator
iPad Pro, Apple Pencil
Year: 2017

Small (9"x12"): $60.00
Medium (18"x24"): $120.00
Large (30"x40"): $300.00

From Clazziquai Project, “We Live in Oz”, translated lyrics:

One more try, give it one more try
Take a deep breath and open your eyes again
Give it one more try just another try
Realize all the dreams you had held in for so long

Remember your forgotten dreams
The things we wanted that we hoped for
to me, to me, to my honesty
anybody, nobody can replace

As a person who had given up eight years of his adult life to run from his dreams as an artist (so that I could be a good Korean American son), this song brings up for me that memory of running from forgotten dreams. Thankfully, I’m in a different stage of realizing those dreams. The song is a call to all to remember those dreams and to live them out.